Note: these are easy tips to apply for a pledge.
  1. Context:
    The Startup Village Forum (SVF) plays an important role, by connecting start-ups, rural actors, corporates, investors and public authorities to share knowledge and experiences, contributing to the development of rural innovative ecosystems.The SVF aims to act as the main channel to collect the commitment of public and especially private organizations to support Start-up Villages. To achieve this goal, the Forum has launched a call for pledges, open to any entity that wishes to commit to the objective of supporting rural areas. These pledges can offer financial but also in-kind, such as provision of co-working spaces, IT infrastructure or expertise, coaching, mentoring or training, aiming at creating job opportunities. The ultimate goal of the pledges is to generate favorable conditions to establish or attract new businesses, to pull investment for innovative projects and to create sustainable jobs in rural areas.
  2. Pledges:
    Steps to prepare and submit a pledge:

    • Step 1. If you already have an idea of the kind of pledge you want to offer, you can send us a draft proposal, so that we can provide our feedback, prior to its publication on our website.
    • Step 2. If you are planning to present a pledge but you are not clear about its definition or coverage, please contact us for designing it together.
    • Step 3. Send to us the final pledge. We will upload it to the web site and disseminate it.
  3. Some examples of actions already carried out are:
    1. First example: the pledge will support the cost of land reforestation and implementation of innovative solutions for the digitalization, monitoring and maintenance of the reforestation site, for up to five awarded proposals. More information: Iberdrola pledge
    2. Second example: the pledge is intended to create a visual and interactive citizen map of your Startup Village containing the key information and insights needed to attract remote workers, create jobs and support rural regeneration. More information: Abodoo pledge
    3. Third example: the pledge is developed around investments in a village to build a factory. More information: Enagás Pledge
    4. Fourth example: the pledge will cover the salary of one employee to run a coworking space of the startup village (to ensure the reliability of the coworking space and attract startups, digital nomads, etc.), during a period of at least twelve months. More information: Huawei pledge

    These are just some examples of actions that have been carried out within the framework of Startup Village Forum, with room for any other action aimed at achieving the objectives set.