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The objective of this pledge is to support European Startup Villages in attracting remote workers, investment and sustainable jobs in this new world of work and opportunity.

These two Startup Village awards and discounted pledge will promote regional rebalancing, retain and attract skills and help rural areas reach their full potential whilst also aligning with the concepts supported by the European Commission.

Note: Potential definition of startup village:
It is related to villages willing to execute activities helping themselves to become stronger, connected, resilient and prosperous areas and communities, having approximately a population equal or lower than 15.000 inhabitants.


The Startup Village Platform developed by Abodoo is a visual and interactive citizen map of your Startup Village containing all of the key information and insights needed to attract remote workers, create jobs and support rural regeneration. This is an incredible opportunity for Villages to showcase themselves as a live work destination and reverse the brain drain.

The Startup Village Platform visualises all of the data a remote worker or company would like to review before deciding the Village is their new work life destination. For every worker that relocates to the Startup Village or new job created there is an economic impact of 2.5 services jobs created leading to economic prosperity with limited investment.


The Start Up Village Pledge includes four key elements to support your Village in driving inwards people and company investment.

1. The “Live and Work in…” promotional landing page

We create a Live and Work landing page for each Village, highlighting the key reasons why it is a wonderful place to locate to.

Abodoo creates a “Live and Work” promotional landing page, which is the first engagement point with potential new resident remote workers that are realising they can work from anywhere.

Abodoo Platform

This landing page can be hosted by the Village or by Abodoo and its purpose is to entice the reader to enter their name and email address in order to access more information.

2. An interactive visualisation of the Village showcasing key assets

Abodoo Platform

The user can then access this dynamic dashboard from anywhere at any time. The map is interactive and enables the user to have one centralised location of all the information

  • Housing (average prices)
  • Schooling (capacity)
  • Childcare
  • Transport
  • Co working locations (capacity)
  • Connectivity (3-5 G)
  • Living expenses
  • Other key social infrastructure
  • Population demographics (Census)
  • Attractions (Tourism data)
  • Supports

*Data dependent on what is available online and by the Village

3. An inclusive register and discover process for interested parties

Abodoo Platform

The user is then invited to register their interest capturing the following information for the Start Up Village

  • Contact tel
  • Current Location (Are the already resident/other location)
  • Working/Not Working
  • Job/Experience Type
  • Job/Experience Industry
  • Job/Experience Skills
  • No of dependents (ages)
  • Homeowner / renter

This information can be accessed in real time by the Start Up Village.

4. Quarterly insights reports

Abodoo will provide the Start Up Village with quarterly insights reports on the registrants across key data captured and using AI provide recommendations to support future investment strategy, reskilling, funding applications, job creation and social infrastructure.


Startup Villages that sign up will be able to connect with others so that best practices can be shared.


Two awards valued at 24,000 € will be awarded by the 4th April 2022 to the winning registered Startup Villages assessed by a judging panel.
Each award will include

  • Creation of a landing page to promote the Start Up Village
  • Interactive map to showcase the Start Up Village
  • Registration process to capture interested remote workers and digital nomads
  • Quarterly insights report to support job creation and accessing investment
  • The first 22 Startup Villages that sign up before the 1st Sep 2022 will be receive a 65% DISCOUNT

    The standard monthly subscription for the Startup Village Platform is 2000 euros
    The applied discount of 65% brings the total investment to 700 euros per month on an annual license


    To participate, each Startup Village should have the ambition to want to attract remote workers, families, entrepreneurs, jobs and companies. Key criteria include

  • The number of inhabitants (maximum of 15.000 inhabitants approx.).
  • The number of startups and entrepreneurs associated with each Startup Village.
  • Description of a coworking space (a photo and a description of the coworking space etc.)
  • Access to connectivity (fiber)
  • A brief description of the village and its commercial/business/entrepreneurial activity and social infrastructure.
  • A vision for job creation and repopulation
  • The Startup Village should be also part, or have applied to become part, of the EU Startup Village Forum.
  • DATES:

    Award Registration is from 10th Feb – 31st March ’22

    Discount Registration is from 10th Feb – 1st Sep ’22

    On registration we will arrange a meeting to discuss your StartUp Village needs and ambitions. Any Startup Villages who enter for the award will automatically be entitled to the discount offer on a first come first served basis.